VIP Services

Our exclusive VIP search services 

This service is mainly intended for searches for exceptional properties (5 million and more) in Switzerland and abroad (on request)

  • Definition of your search according to your criteria such as type of house, region, access, budget etc.
  • Analysis and advice on the preparation of your real estate purchase (financing, deadline, new or under construction, etc.)
  • Search for your property through our network, real estate agencies, classified ads, social networks, brokers, internet, etc.
  • Pre-visits for the selection of the property
  • Discussion of the selected properties and organization of the visits according to your availability and needs (hotel reservation, private driver, security service, etc.)
  • Interior design advice from a professional to be defined according to the desired style
  • Organization of a 3-dimensional visualization of the project
  • Organization of the costing of the works
  • Follow-up of the works during their preparation and realization
  • Negotiation of the conditions of purchase of the selected property such as: the purchase price, the deadline, the work to be done, etc.
  • Advice and help for the real estate financing
  • Complete administrative follow-up until the completion of the sale
  • Any feasible request in our field of competence

We do not sell properties and have no financial interest with the sellers. We have therefore a total neutrality in the choice of the properties that we present to our customers