Our purchase methods and research services of real estate

  • Defining your search according to your criteria, such as type of dwelling, area, access, budget etc.
  • Analysis and advice on preparing your property purchase (funding, time, nine or work, etc.)
  • Search your property through our network of estate agents, classifieds, social networks, brokers, Internet, etc.
  • Discussion of pre-selected apartments and arrangement of visits at your convenience
  • Negotiation of the purchasing terms of the chosen house: such as the purchase price, the timing, the works to be realized, etc.
  • If necessary, advice and assistance with the housing financing
  • Entire follow up until the implementation of the deed

The fee for this service starts at 1.5% (excl. VAT) of the sale price of the item purchased.

For goods with a value of less than CHF 500,000, a minimum flat rate of CHF 7,500 (excl. VAT) will be charged.

These fees are only charged in case of success of the mandate, in the case of non-fulfillment or cancellation of the mandate, only the flat fee of CHF 290,- will be charged upon signature of the research mandate for administrative fees.