Buying and Financing

Only one contact for research and financing of your property

  • What budget do I have to buy a property?
  • How much will it cost me monthly?
  • What are the solutions the most appropriate to my financial situation?
  • What can I buy with my budget?
  • Where to look for funding and how to proceed?
  • Equity, purchasing cost, LPP, bank guarantee, etc. What is it?
  • Right of purchase, forward sale, direct sale, etc. What shall I sign?
  • Estimated purchase price, condition of the property and associated expenditure: To what do I need to pay attention?

The acquisition and research of real estate is a complex process with multiple stakeholders for each stage, which is why Research For You offers the possibility of having a single interlocutor, comprehensive and neutral, which places your interests at the heart of our concerns through the company Remaya SA.

Remaya SA offers its customers access to all property and financial markets of Switzerland, supporting all interactions.

Visit the website it will give you all the information on the services offered.